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Over the years we have shared the latest  and greatest trends in weddings that we simply love.   So I thought it would be fun this month to highlight our personal favorites, the ones that really stand out to us.  While wedding trends come and go some are just close to our hearts so here are the wedding trends that we truly love.



Bride and groom share a last dance coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings under the chandeliers at Terrace at Cedar Hill

Photography by Anchor and Veil Photography 

Private Last Dances.  This amazing trend has to be my absolute favorite.  There is nothing better than watching a couple savor the last moments of the their wedding day and take in everything that they have to celebrate.  I always recommend including one of these sweet dances to my couples and get just giddy when they do 🙂


Sweet dessert station created by Something Classic are the perfect treat for a summer wedding coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Critsey Rowe Photography

Dessert Bars.  Who doesn’t love a sweet treat. And its even better when multiplied into a desiccant bar.  I have seen some pretty amazing dessert bars over the years.  In fact I love them so much I am having one at my own wedding this fall and I just can’t wait to sample all the sweet treats 🙂


Dave Bigler 2013 Winter Spotlight Trash Dress 7255

Trash the Dress.  I love it so much I did it with my very own wedding dress.  I love getting to watch brides wear their dresses one more time and just have fun.  No worries about the hem getting dirty or preserving pristine white. Trashing the dress is just another fun wedding activity that I think all brides should do.

Wedding trends are so different and unique and such a fun way to incorporate something new into your big day.  Want more tips and ideas on how to make your wedding day really stand out?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings we would love to share all our knowledge with you!

Happy Planning!