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Picking out a wedding dress is probably one of the most anticipated moments for a bride as she prepares for her wedding day.  Brides try on on dress after dress until they finally find “the one”. The one dress that makes them feel like a real bride and the one she waits for with anticipation to wear down the aisle and dance the night away in.  But when the wedding is over that beautiful dress will probably live out the remainder of its life stuffed in a closet or closed up in a box. A new exciting trend, however, is giving wedding dresses a new life and it’s called: Trash the Dress! These exciting photo shoots are quickly becoming a wedding day staple and we here at Magnificent Moments Weddings love it!  Today we are going to share some fun ideas to inspire your own trash the dress session.


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Photography by: Josh Deaton

Most women opt for traditional white dresses.  So why not add some color by trashing your dress with paint?  These amazing sessions look like works of art and would make amazing pieces to add to your wedding day gallery!


Dave Bigler 2013 Winter Spotlight Trash Dress 7213  Dave Bigler 2013 Winter Spotlight Trash Dress 7255

Photography by: Dave Bigler Wedding Photos and Film

You probably spent your whole wedding day with you gown held up above your head, doing everything you could to keep it from dragging in the dirt. So why not let your hair down during your trash the dress session and literally take a roll in the mud!


Bridle Element173

Photography by: Photography by Jill

Maybe you had a beach wedding, were you dreamed of jumping in the ocean!  Why not go for a swim!  And no, your not seeing things that in is our very own Amanda trashing her dress in the Atlantic Ocean!


There is just something so satisfying about seeing these amazing dresses totally trashed!  So why not join in on all the fun and throw your very own trash the dress session! Not for you? We totally get it, check out our blog on wedding dress preservation and save your dress instead.

Looking for more fun ideas to make your wedding day stand out?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings, we would love to help make your wedding day uniquely you!

Happy Planning!


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