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Suarez bakery created fun donut cakes for a dessert display at Triple C Barrel Room

Weddings are the joining of two people as one.  A bride and groom’s wedding day is quite possibly one of the most romantic days in their lives as they pledge their desire to live out the rest of their years together.  If you are reading along your probably thinking I am describing the foundation of a wedding, the most important thing if you will. But if that’s what you thought then you would be totally wrong, the most important part of wedding day is, are you ready? Dessert!  Ok, I am totally kidding, love trumps all but dessert is pretty important too 🙂 So this week I thought it would be fun to share the current trend we love: dessert bars!

Suarez bakery created fun donut cakes for a dessert display at Triple C Barrel Room

Photography by John Branch IV Photography

What is a dessert bar?

So you make be asking, what is a dessert bar?  This AMAZING wedding invention is more than just a cake, they are decadent displays of what dreams are made of.  Brownies, cupcakes, pies, cookies use your imagination. Many couples are ditching the traditional three to four tiered cake and opting for this over the top bars instead.

How do I incorporate a dessert bar into my big day?

So you’re convinced that a dessert bar is for you, I mean it didn’t take much did it 🙂  The good news is they are pretty easy to accomplish. First you need to do is find an ideal spot in your venue (make sure you confirm they have a table or tables big enough to hold your spread), and then let all your dessert fantasies go wild.  Second, find a bakery and taste test your heart out, try ALL THE THINGS! Consider an assortment, different flavors and options that are nut and gluten free to accommodate the tastes of your guests. Finally create a plan for display, get trays and tiers and be sure to make labels.

Sweet treats by Delectables by Holly were the perfect treat for guests during a fall wedding at Savona Mills in Charlotte

Photography by Elli McGuire Photography

Sounds pretty amazing right? That is why dessert bars are the current trend we love!  Want more information on current wedding trends? Check out our blog posts on build your own bars, statement suits, and velvet accents.  And be sure to contact Magnificent Moments Weddings, we would love to share our wedding day knowledge with you!

Happy Planning!


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