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Vintage sofa set were the perfect conversation setting for a fall wedding at Ritchie Hill

Weddings are a time for celebration and often a time of excess, flowers, food, cake you only get married once so why not go all out and splurge.  Sometimes, however, these once in a lifetime celebrations lead to massive amounts of waste. That is why many brides opt to throw “green weddings”.  These eco friendly events aim to lessen the overall impact on the plant and are the current Trends We Love! So we thought it would be fun to share some tips on how to make your wedding a little more green!

There are parts and pieces that make up a wedding.  Some of which can be made more economically friendly.  So let’s break down different areas that you can make more green:


Sunshower Photography uses the lush florals from Flower Diva to show off the invitation for a fall wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina

Photography by Sunshower Photography

We all know where paper comes from and the paper used to make invitations is no different.  So this is the first place many brides choose to go green. Use recycled paper or better yet send out an evite which requires no paper at all and may even save you a little money, talk about win-win.

Wedding Dress

Taylor Main photography captures a brides gown among the trees of The Green during her Uptown Charlotte wedding

Photography by Taylor Main Photography

Wedding dresses are often the thing that brides get the most excited about, but are also a big source of waste.  Ways to make this item more green include wearing a vintage dress, maybe your mothers or grandmothers. If that doesn’t work then consider using a designer that uses sustainable fabrics in their designs.  And consider paying it forward and gifting your dress to future brides further cutting down on waste.


Amazing food was created by Something Classic for a fall wedding at The Mint Museum Uptown

Photography by Jordyn Schrippa Photography

We know farm to table is all the rage in restaurants right now, so why not consider it for your wedding.  Find a caterer that only uses locally sourced ingredients, the taste will be out of this world and it’s a sure fire way to impress your guests.


These are just some of the ways you can make your wedding more green.  And the great things about going green is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Evening changing just a few things can make a huge impact on the planet.

Want more trends we love?  Check out our posts on build your own bars, statement suits, and cocktail receptions.  And be sure to contact us today, we would love to help make your wedding perfect!

Happy Planning!


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