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Fun taco bar by Family Catering for a spring wedding reception at The Diary Barn captured by David Edward Photography

We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings love a good trend.  New ideas and traditions are constantly changing weddings and we live for new inspiration.  What’s our latest obsession?  Build Your Own Bars! Burgers, Tacos, Fries, the ideas are limitless and oh so delicious! Many of our past brides have pulled this trend off amazingly, and we want to share all the fun details with you!

Station buffets created by Delectables by Holly were nothing less than amazing at this full wedding at The Ivy Place captured by Shutter Owl Photography

Photography by: The Shutter Owl

What is it?

A Build Your Own Bar is a pretty simple concept.  Which is a food bar that adds variety to a basic food. To create one just take one of your favorite foods, french fries, waffles, burgers, tacos, ice cream, whatever you love! Then create a bar full of toppings, flavors, and add ons for your guests to customize their own and bring this simple favorite over the top!

LA 1227

Photography by: Diane Personett Photography

Why does it work?

These bars work great for guests because it allows them to customize their meal and gives them the freedom to know exactly what they are having. Plus they are super fun!  Since many build your own bars are based on staple foods, your guests are sure to love making and creating their own twits on classics. Plus these bars are so versatile, you can create a build your own bar for your cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, or for a late night snack.

Fun taco bar by Family Catering for a spring wedding reception at The Diary Barn captured by David Edward Photography

Photography by: David Edward Photography

Bar Ideas

We have had many brides create fun bars, we’ve seen everything from french fries, to tacos, and even ice cream sundaes.  But here are a few ideas that we think would be great too:

Build Your Own Burger Bar

Base: Beef burger, turkey burger, veggie burger

Cheeses: Cheddar, pepper jack, nacho cheese, goat cheese

Spreads: Ketchup, Mayo, mustard, dijon mustard, ranch, barbecue sauce, pesto

Creative Toppings: Bacon, avocado, sauteed onions, mushrooms, arugula lettuce, pickles, jalapeno peppers

Build Your Own Waffle Bar

Base: Regular waffle, sweet potato waffle, chocolate waffle

Creative Toppings: strawberries, blueberries, bacon bits, nuts, chocolate chips,

powdered sugar

Spreads and Syrups: peanut butter, nutella, maple syrup, berry syrup, chocolate sauce,

whipped cream

Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Base: Cookie or Brownie

Ice Cream: Vanilla and Chocolate

Creative Toppings: fruit, nuts, sprinkles, oreo bits, m&m’s, gummy bears, chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs

Sauces: caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry Sauce


These fun bars have so many options, you are sure to find something to fit your event and of course wow your guests!  We love the creativity and the options that these bars can provide! Want more great ideas to make your reception truly one to remember?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings we would love to help you with all wedding details big or small.  And check out our amazing bride Margaret and her fun build your own french fry bar, for more inspiration!

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