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Southern Wedding Traditions | Charlotte Wedding Planner Tips

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While every wedding is unique and each culture and place in the world brings something different to the table, southern weddings often have that special something that just set them apart.  Here in the south, we love our traditions, but we love to party, even more, so today I thought it would be fun to share some southern wedding traditions with you, to maybe help you add a little southern flair to your big day!

Grooms Cake

Southern wedding tradition, groomsman cakes, created for a Dairy Barn wedding, coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photo by SMM Photography and Cake by WOW Factor Cakes

Let’s face it, wedding cakes are feminine. From flower toppers, pearl piping, and ribbon borders, they scream bride. So this southern tradition is designed to give your groom a say. Grooms cakes are just as they sound, a cake for the groom that reflect his style.  Usually themed, these cakes can show of his love for fishing, or a particular sports team. It is usually presented as a gift to the groom by his new wife as a surprise on either the wedding day or at the rehearsal, and is great way to show your groom your love!

Bridal Portraits

Southern bridal portrait by Old South Studios Southern bridal portrait by Old South Studios

Photos by Old South Studios

Who doesn’t love to get dressed up, and let’s face it most brides will take any excuse to wear their wedding dress.  So why not make another whole day around it! Bridal portraits are a southern tradition that does just that. To do this, you will need to schedule your hair and makeup trails, get out your gown, schedule with your photographer, and find an amazing venue.  And don’t forget to get a mockup of your bouquet!  Not only will you get to preview your look on the big day, but you will get some truly stunning pictures. Traditional also calls for you to display one of these pictures at your reception, but I am sure it will be hard to pick just one!

Monogram Party

Wedding Monogram

Photo by Kayla Shope Photography

It’s no surprise that southerners like their monograms. Didn’t Reese Witherspoon once say – if it isn’t moving, monogram it? So why not celebrate the fact that your getting a new one!  This tradition is similar to that of a bridal shower except here guest bring items with your soon to be monogram attached.  From towels, to sheets, and glasses, you’ll walk away with a host of personalized items!

Whatever traditions you choose to incorporate into your big day, make sure they reflect your style! But most importantly have fun with it. Who knows? You may be starting your own traditions that will last generations to come!

Need more ideas to help plan your big day?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings! We would love to help make your wedding dreams come true!

Happy Planning!


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