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Wedding table settings are arguably my favorite part of the wedding planning process. Picking out linens, plates, and centerpieces and watching the table fill with the brides favorite things, brings me so much joy as a wedding planner.  There is just something about a designed and coordinated table that brings a whole event together. And trust me no detail is too small. That is why I wanted to take some time to go over with your choices when it comes to maybe one of the most overlooked items on the table, the napkin.  I will share with you some of the most used napkin folds and show you how something so small can make such a big impact on your overall table decor.


Tri Fold Hanging

Crisp white linens and deep blue napkins create a stunning tablescape for a wedding at The Mint Museum Randolph

Photography by Critsey Rowe Photography

Probably one of the most used and popular.  Placed under a charger or menu card this classic fold brings a pop of color when you choose a complimentary one to your overall design

Card Fold

Dusty blue linens and gold chargers are the perfect accents to a summer wedding at the Mint Museum Uptown

Photography by Paper Heart Photography

A timeless way to draw attention to your paper goods, whether it be a menu card or thank you note.  Set atop or charger or nestled between silverware this fold shows off the details you invested into the overall look of the table.

Tent Style

Madeline & Braden

Photography by Avonne Photography

This 3- D fold is a great way to create interest in your tablescape. Since it is not flat like other napkin folds it draws the eye and allows for a pop of color to make an even bigger impact.

It is clear to see that something as simple as a napkin can create a great impact on the overall look and feel of your event.  There are plenty of other fun napkin folds too!  Do you have a favorite?

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Happy Planning!


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