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Christmas tree at New Years Eve wedding at The Diary Barn

Who doesn’t love a long weekend?  A whole extra day to relax, hang out with friends and family, or better yet celebrate?  There are so many perks to having your wedding on a holiday weekend that many couples choose to stretch out the fun over 3 days, and really who blames them?  But there are a few things to consider when planning a holiday wedding.  If your wedding date coincides with a holiday you’ll want to consider the following details to help make your wedding holiday weekend as flawless as it can be!

Custom welcome boxes great guests as they celebrate a winter wedding at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina

Photography by Ally and Bobby Photography

Give Guests Plenty of Notice

When planning a wedding for a holiday weekend, guests need to have plenty of notice so they can make arrangements to be there. Save the dates are a perfect way to do this! Plane tickets and hotel costs may increase and fill up quickly around a holiday and guests will need to be able to know in advance so they can keep their costs down and clear their calendar.


Bride and groom exchange vows at a Dairy Barn wedding

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Coordinate with Holiday Festivities 

For many American holidays, certain festivities are a must, like fireworks. If your getting married on a holiday weekend, research big firework shows near your venue and consider timing your cake cutting or first dance to have fireworks in the background. Might as well take advantage of someone else’s firework show to add a special touch to your wedding! Or think about using holiday decor to your advantage. Think flags for the Fourth of July, pumpkins for Thanksgiving, twinkle lights for News Years Eve.  Not only will it make your event look more designed but many venues already have the decor, so it is zero cost to you, talk about win-win.

Detail shot of star favors given at a Dairy Barn Wedding

Photography by Grain and Compass Photography

Give Holiday Themed Favors

If you’re unsure of what favor to give guests, you might consider coordinating the favor with the holiday. Maybe New Year’s Eve drink glasses or Red, White and Blue goodies for Labor Day, Memorial Day, or July 4th! Give guests something that will remind them of the day for years to come!

A holiday weekend wedding can be a great option, especially if you’re thinking about anniversary getaways for the years to come, and your guests will love it too if you’re able to give them advance notice and use the uniqueness of the date to make your wedding even more special!

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