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Wedding Desserts | Charlotte Wedding Planner Tips

As wedding planners, one of the number one questions we get asked is how do I make my wedding unique?  Now I could spend hours going over unique venues, colors, seating charts, ceremonies, and more, but today I want to focus on my favorite part of the wedding – dessert! There are some amazing wedding cake designers in the city of Charlotte, and they can create gorgeous cakes that will set your event apart from the rest.  But if you truly want to stray from the norm, why not consider alternative cake ideas!  Here are my top 4:

1. Doughnuts

North Carolina is the birthplace of Krispy Kreme, so it only makes sense to incorporate these sweet treats into your event.  We have had countless brides incorporate doughnuts into their events, and guests love it!  You can go the classic glazed route or make it fun with custom sprinkles and fillings, the possibilities are really endless.  Provide your guests with fun to go bags to and they can enjoy their treat after the party ends.  Amanda came up with a unique idea this summer for a donut hole bar!  As seen on The Perfect Palette.

wedding dessert doughnut holes, styled by Magnificent Moments Weddings, photography by Julia Fay Photography

Photo by Julia Fay Photography

2.  Ice Cream

It can get hot in the south, and ice cream (or gelato!) is a great way to relieve the heat during an outdoor event and trust me your guests will appreciate it!  Sundae bars are a fun interactive way to make sure your guests get exactly what they want in a sweet treat.

Ice Cream Bar Charlotte Wedding at Foundations for the Carolina's photography by Fete Photography, coordination by Magnificent Moments WeddingsBella Fresco Gelato at Mint Museum Uptown Wedding, photography by Karenina H Photography, coordination by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photos by Fete Photography and Karenina H Photography

3. Popsicles

Sticking with cold, icy treats, why not popsicles? King of Pops, a local business in the south with a store in Charlotte, can make amazing gourmet popsicles in a variety of flavors.  For even more fun, they can set up shop at your event with an adorable vintage cart and umbrella creating a true sense of nostalgia!


King of Pops Camellia Gardens Wedding, photography by William Avery Photography, coordination by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photo by William Avery Photography

5. Pies

There is something about pie that makes me feel, well, warm and fuzzy – its crazy how food can have that effect on our emotions!  If you are having a small wedding, or even a fall wedding, what better way to give your guests those feelings than by giving them a warm slice of pie. One of our past brides Virginia, choose pie as part of her dessert bar and you can see just how wholesome they can look. They really are a great option for your wedding.  Think about choosing a variety of flavors to give your guests options.  See her full Beaver Dam wedding here.

Weddings pies, at Beaver Dam House photography by Paul Seiler and coordination by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photo by Paul Seiler

Are you hungry yet?  🙂  Have more questions about how to make your wedding unique, contact Magnificent Moments Weddings!  We would love to help you plan your event!

Happy Planning!


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