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Wedding Exit Ideas

You’ve spent hours picking out the perfect dress and poured over thousands of Pinterest pictures to find the perfect hairstyle, all while envisioning the grand entrance you would make on your wedding day.  But the ceremony is over and the party is winding down, so now it’s time to plan the next big thing, your grand exit!  For today’s bride, the typical go-to exit staple seems to be sparklers.  But maybe you’re looking for other options that are well, not so typical.  Today I’m going to share with you 4 sparkler alternatives that are both creative and fun!

Kara and David's Uptown Mint Museum Wedding grand exit through glowing LED balloons

A new and exciting trend we have seen pop up in the Queen City of Charlotte is the use of LED balloons. These stunning balloons create the perfect glow, through the use of small LED bulbs.  They make the perfect backdrop to frame your exit.  Plus they look striking in photos and your guests have no risk of fire-related injury 🙂

Photo by Anchor and Veil Photography

cultural charlotte wedding 834

Want stunning pictures of your exit but don’t want to wait until the end of the night to achieve it?  Flowers petals thrown at the end of your ceremony may be a great alternative.  Think about it – you’ve partied all night, your guests have enjoyed your open bar, and you are a sweaty, tired mess from dancing the night away, not the best time for pictures, right?  Instead, give your ceremony guests flower petals to toss out as you exit the ceremony!  

Photo by Sunshower Photography

intimate charlotte wedding 670

Bubbles are a great sparkler alternative to end your night in style.  They allow even the smallest of guests to wish you a happy exit. In pictures, the bubbles will reflect the light and create an impressive glow around you.  Plus they make great party favors if you choose to personalize with your wedding details!

Photo by Sunshower Photography

Glow stick send off from a Peninsula Yacht Club Wedding photography by Samantha Laffoon Photography coordination by Magnificent Moments Weddings

So I get it.  One of the appeals of sparklers is waving them around and creating stunning light trails at night.  But, a great photographer can do the same thing with glow sticks!  Plus, you can have them passed out an hour or so before the end of the night to add a little light and fun to the dance floor!

Photo by Samantha Laffoon Photography

Want more grand exit ideas, contact Magnificent Moments Weddings.  We can help you through the entire planning process!

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