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Trends We Love – Experiential Favors


Favors are a great way to show your guests appreciation for coming to your wedding.  And there are so many cute and unique favors you can share with your guests! (We wrote a blog post dedicated to North Carolina themed favors here).  That’s why when we here at Magnificent Moments Weddings heard about the newest trend in favors, experiential favors, we fell in love!

So I am sure you’re asking what are experiential favors? These fun favors are far more than koozies and candies, rather they are fun things your guests get to do.  Fun activities that your guests can enjoy and maybe take home as well.


Cigar Station

Consider a fun cigar station.  Guests can watch cigars be hand-rolled, learn about the process, and enjoy a sample. Talk about a unique experience.  Guests can even take home hand-rolled cigar to enjoy and look back at all the fun they had.

Artist from Laddie Neil Art creates a custom piece of artwork during a fall wedding at Morning Glory Farm coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Maggie Colleta Photography


Who doesn’t love personalized art?  Imagine how much fun your guest would have sitting down for their very own piece of custom art.  You can make them fun and whimsical or classic and traditional. Either way, your guests will have a fun experience and something to take home to remember your wedding forever!

A special treat for a groom to calm his nerves as he prepares for his spring wedding at Foundation for the Carolinas
Photography by Sunshower Photography

Wine/Alcohol Tasting

Have a favorite type of wine?  Maybe you’re a bourbon expert? Your guest would love to share what you love.  It would be such a fun experience to let your guests sample some of the best

While these are just a few fun experiences you can share with your guests, consider adding a little something to let your guests enjoy during and after the wedding!  Want more advice on trends we love? Check out blog posts on current wedding trends including, accent greenery, statement walls, and food trucks.

Want more tips about how to make your wedding uniquely you?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings, we would love to help!

Happy Planning!


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