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Couple dancing at wedding reception at 10 Catawba coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

We have all seen the viral videos of some awesome choreographed wedding dances of couples who killed it on the dance floor and then brought everyone out with them to dance the night away! So…how do they do it? What is the etiquette for a choreographed dance? Here at Magnificent Moments Weddings we want you to look and feel your best on your wedding day so we have a few tips on how to hit it outta the park with a choreographed dance!

Bride and groom share their first dance played by High Impact Entertainment during their fall wedding at Stony Mountain Vineyards

Photography by: Alyssa Frost Photography

Should You Do It?

If dancing is something you and your fiance or bridal party love to do- go for it! You can show off your skills and have fun practicing and performing for your guests. Some dances are done by just the bridesmaids, just the groomsmen, the whole bridal party, or just the couple. If you, your fiance, or your bridal party aren’t into dancing or have any hesitation about dancing, a choreographed dance might not be for you. Don’t force it…do whatever is most comfortable and natural! Whatever song or songs you decide to do should reflect your personality as a couple or friend group. Whatever you choose, whether it be Jason Aldean or Cardi B, if you love it your guests will love it too!

When To Dance?

You’ll want to show off your dance at just the right time! The best time for a choreographed dance is right before you want all the guests to join you on the floor. You don’t want everyone to get all pumped up and then just return to eating their steak. If you can invite guests to join you on the floor at the end, it is a great opportunity to get the energy high and then dance the night away!

How Long Should You Dance?

“Too much of a good thing” is a real thing, so keep it long enough that you’re having fun but short enough that guests are still engaged! Eventually, you’ll feel awkward having everyone watch you and they’ll feel awkward watching. Consider keeping it to a minute or minute and 15 seconds tops!

Couple dancing at wedding reception at 10 Catawba coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Cheyenne Schultz Photography

Dancing is one of the parts of a wedding that everyone looks forward to. Several of our brides have opted to add a little bit of choreographed fun to there big day: Elizabeth, Perrin, Kristy, and Chelsea all had amazing dances that we will never forget! After all a choreographed dance is the perfect way to have fun, show off your moves, and get everyone on their feet to join you!

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