Trends We Love | Anniversary Dance

One of the trends we have loved to see during many of the receptions we have helped coordinate is what’s called: The Anniversary Dance. If you haven’t seen one happen or heard of it before, you’re missing out! It is the perfect way to get your entire guest list on the dance floor and to honor the couple at your wedding that has been married the longest.

Sunshower Photography captures a bride and groom sharing their first dance during their wedding reception at Triple C Barrel Room

Photography by Sunshower Photography

How does it work? I’m glad you asked!

The DJ or Emcee will ask everyone, literally everyone, to come onto the dancefloor with a partner. This means single friends, dating friends, and your grandma, too! The DJ will begin a song of your choice and ask everyone to start dancing. After a few seconds of dancing, they will ask anyone who is not married to leave the dance floor. After a few more seconds, they will ask anyone who has been married for less than 12 hours to leave the dance floor. Then 5 years, 10 years, 15 years…you get the point. The DJ will call people off the dance floor by year until the last couple is standing.

For the last couple standing, they can be asked a question like “what is the best marriage advice you can offer?” or “what was your favorite part of your own wedding?” or the newlyweds can give them a small gift! Some gift ideas might be a bouquet of flowers or a special dessert to take home with them. After they are celebrated, have your photographer take a picture of you with the couple and then ask the DJ to call everyone back up on the dance floor to begin the dancing for the night!

We love this trend because it not only honors a couple who has been married for many, many years, but it also gets all your guests on their feet in a fun, creative way! I plan on doing this for my own wedding in June 2019!

Bride and groom dance during their wedding reception at the Duke Mansion coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings Bride dances with flowergirl to music provided by Split Second Sound at her Diary Barn Wedding

Photography by Dianne Personnet Photography and Ashley Sue Photography

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