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Groom shows off a surprised look as he sees his bride for the first time before their spring wedding at The Diary Barn in Fort Mill. South Carolina

You’ve probably been dreaming of the moment your groom sees you in your dress for the first time since you started planning your wedding. It is one of the most important moments of the whole day. And may brides choose to savor the moment before the ceremony during a “first look”. But what are first looks and should you be doing one? Today, I want to share all about these fun picture opportunities and help you decide if having one is right for you!

First looks are just that, the first time your groom gets to look at you in your dress on your wedding day. Your photographer will position your groom in a way that allows you to reveal yourself to him. And the pictures that result are always amazing and heartwarming. I mean just look at these amazing sessions we have been a part of!

Groom shows off a surprised look as he sees his bride for the first time before their spring wedding at The Diary Barn in Fort Mill. South Carolina   Bride and groom exchange a first look in Uptown Charlotte before their spring wedding captured by Paper Heart Studios   Couples first look before their wedding at Vesuvius Vineyards coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Paige Ryan Photography, Paper Heart Photography, and Almond Leaf Studios


So now that you know what it is, let’s get down to the pros and cons:


You know you will get a good shot. Sometimes it is hard for the photographer to get the best angle during a ceremony of your groom’s reaction. Churches often have restrictions of where photographers can and can’t stand, the space may be to small, or the lighting may be off.

You’ll have more time! Doing your first look will free you up for pictures with family during cocktail hour. Better yet you can grab yourself a drink and mingle with your guests since more of your pictures will be done!

First look bride and groom outdoor Charlotte wedding captured by Samantha Laffoon Photography Bride shares a first look with her father before her summer wedding at the Duke Mansion captured by Dianne Personett Photography

Photography by Samantha Laffoon Photography and Dianne Personett Photography


It breaks with tradition. Seeing your groom before you walk down the aisle isn’t how your grandma did it. If you are a traditional bride, it is definitely a break with the ordinary.

That magical moment at the altar will be the second time he sees you.  Don’t get us wrong!  It will still be a special moment, I mean your getting married. But you have to make that call for yourself.

Whether your first look is at the altar or during an amazing planned shoot, it will always be a moment you remember. So make sure to take in the moment and soak it up!

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Happy Planning!


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