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Client Spotlight – Paige | Magnificent Moments Weddings Bride

Bride and groom pose on a vintage trolley during their winter wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina

We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings get to work with some pretty amazing couples and we love nothing more than helping them make their wedding dreams come true.  So it is time again to shine our client spotlight another amazing bride! We want to share how awesome they are with you and give them the opportunity to relive their special day! So this month we reached out to Paige Carruth and asked her to share her greatest memories and any tips she may have for soon to be brides!

Paige and her husband Joe were married at St Gabriel’s Catholic Church during a heartwarming ceremony.  The couple then partied the night away during their reception at Carmel Country Club.  Their winter wedding was full of rich color and good times, their guests really had a blast! (Want to know all the details about Paige’s big day?  Check out her real wedding feature on the blog here!). Since Paige was such a great bride to work with, we wanted to sit down and ask her all about her experience, from the high to the lows, and here’s what she shared.

Bride and groom pose on a vintage trolley during their winter wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina Ally and Bobby capture a smiling bride and groom during their wedding day at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina

Photography by: Ally and Bobby 

What was your greatest memory of your day?

My greatest memory was being so incredibly happy – and noticing how incredibly happy Joe was. How could we not be?! We were surrounded by our closest family and friends, honoring each other and the union of our lives, at a celebration we had been planning (with Amanda) for almost a year! It was so special to see it all come together and culminate in a way that was so very “us.”

Do you have any advice for brides still in the planning process? 

So much advice! I think the top two would be:

1) Be assertive and direct about what you want. I was so afraid of being a bridezilla, but there is a big difference between being rude and being direct. And no one will fault you for being straightforward about what you want for your wedding day, which will only happen once in your life!

2) Do what you want to do! This is your + your partner’s day, it should be a celebration that you want! There are so many traditions, social/family pressures that can influence your decisions during the planning process but try not to let that get in the way of what you want. I feel like there are no rules anymore, so buck a tradition and start your own – it will be so much more memorable when you make this celebration truly your own!

Is there anything you would change about your wedding day?

Not a thing! We loved every single minute of it.

Why did you choose MMW?

We don’t live in Charlotte, so I knew I needed some on-the-ground support, who had physical access to vendors, etc. I ended up choosing to work with Amanda for several reasons. Not only did we have an instant connection during our FaceTime consultation, but she was able to create a custom package that was tailored to my budget, and touched on all the areas in which I needed and wanted support. She had also done a wedding at our venue before, which was really important to me (so she knew the ins and outs of working with the staff there).

Would you recommend hiring a wedding coordinator/planner to other brides?

100% yes!! There are SO many little things I would have never thought of – or didn’t know to think of – that Amanda had all ready to go. It made not only the planning process easier, but allowed our wedding day to run smoothly!

Ally and Bobby Photography capture a kiss during a winter wedding planned by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by: Ally and Bobby 

Thank you, Paige, for all your kind words!  You and Joe were truly an inspiring couple and just a dream to work with! Your wedding was truly one to remember!

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings! We would love to make you part of the family!

Happy Planning!


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