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Client Spotlight – Marcia | Magnificent Moments Weddings Bride

Bride poses holding her handmade bouquet made of map roses during her travel themed wedding coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings get to work with some pretty amazing couples and we love nothing more than helping them make their wedding dreams come true.  So it is time again to shine our client spotlight another amazing bride! We want to share how awesome they are with you and give them the opportunity to relive their special day! So this month we reached out to Marcia Crippen and asked her to share her greatest memories of her Sugar Creek Brewery wedding and any tips she may have for soon to be brides!

Marica and her husband Tommy were married at Sugar Creek Brewery during such a fun event.    Their travel themed wedding had a such a sweet vibe and guests loved getting to share in the love of this sweet couple (Want to know all the details about Marcia’s big day?  Check out her real wedding feature on the blog here!). Since Marcia was such a great bride to work with, we wanted to sit down and ask her all about her experience, from the highs to the lows, and here’s what she shared.

Bride poses holding her handmade bouquet made of map roses during her travel themed wedding coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by John Branch IV Photography 

What is your greatest memory from your wedding day?

It is hard to pick one memory, but one of my favorites is dancing with my family and friends. From my nephew Liam and friend Craig having an awesome dance off, to the traditional Lao Wedding Dance and then Cupid Shuffle many of us participated in, I had so much fun with everyone on the dance floor.

Do you have any advice for brides still in the planning process?

Try not to stress about perfecting the small details. Even though it has meaning to you and seems important, your guests won’t notice if you forget piece of decor or can’t get your sign to look absolutely perfect. What people will remember is the love and happiness surrounding the day and all the fun they’ll have!

Is there anything you would change about your wedding day?

The only thing I wish I could have changed about my wedding day, which wouldn’t have been possible, is to have more time to spend with all my guests. The day goes by quickly and the biggest challenge is to have meaningful moments with people who have come so far to spend this day with you.

Why did you choose Magnificent Moments Weddings for your wedding planner?

I chose Magnificent Moments Weddings because I knew I wanted extra support on my wedding day so that my family and I didn’t have to worry about setting everything up or managing the flow of the day. I’m so grateful I chose them because Joelle and the rest of the team made everything perfect!

Would you recommend hiring a wedding coordinator/planner to other brides?

I would absolutely recommend hiring a wedding coordinator. It was the best feeling handing over all my wedding decor a couple days before the wedding and then arriving the morning of and having everything set up and looking so beautiful! It was a huge burden off my shoulders to not have to worry about organizing the day or having to ask my parents or friends to stay late and help.

Groom share a sweet kiss with his bride captured by John Branch IV Photography John Branch IV Photography captures a sweet moment between a bride and groom during their fall wedding at Sugar Creek Brewery

Photography by John Branch IV Photography

Thank you, Marcia, for all your kind words!  You and Tommy were truly an inspiring couple and just a dream to work with! Your wedding was truly one to remember!

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner? Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings! We would love to make you part of the family!

Happy Planning!


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