The Fine China Debate | Wedding Registry Tips

The Fine China Debate | Wedding Registry Questions | Wedding Planner Tips

Wedding registry questions are some of the top questions we get as wedding planners.  Couples want to know where the best places to register are and how to let their guests know about their registry.  We get asked these questions so much we decided to write a blog that focused on just those issues. However, there is an even bigger question when it comes to registries that we felt deserved its own post. We’re talking about The Fine China Debate.  Couples want to know if registering for china is a must do or just a waste. So today we are going to do our best to share our professional opinion 🙂

Amazing detail in vintage dishes are perfect for a French Blue styled shoot designed by Magnificent Moments Weddings   Light blue china with peach flowers created a vintage inspired wedding table setting for a southern styled South Carolina wedding designed by Magnificent Moments Weddings

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So when it comes to the fine china debate, I think the answer is both a yes and a no.  But it totally depends on your needs. Here are my top reasons for and against registering for fine china:

Reasons To Register for Fine China

For starters, fine china is something you will use during your most treasured events in married life. While hosting holidays at your home or while having a dinner party with family friends.

It is something that can be displayed in your home as art and centerpiece of your dining room.  Think double duty here. Not only can you use it for your fancier events but you get the joy of seeing it every day in your china cabinet

It is just a good gift.   Fine china is a great way to give guests them the options and choices. They can buy a whole set or just a plate.  Additionally, with so many different types of china on the market today, you are sure to find something that will fit your guests’ price range.

Reasons Not To Register for Fine China

Does your family has a great set of china that has been passed down throughout the generations?  If this sounds like you, then skip the registry. Don’t feel like you have to register for fine china just because it’s tradition.

Maybe your just not that fancy?  Does hosting a dinner party sound like torture? Then you probably don’t need fine china.

You have a very small apartment with no plans to move anytime soon.  China is great to look at, but it is also space consuming. If you live in a small apartment with no room for a china cabinet, it might be best to forgo fine china on your wedding registry.  You could always buy it later on yourselves after you get into a bigger home.

So when it comes to the Fine China Debate, I say do what makes you happy.  As long as you as a couple are registering for items you love and will use, there is no magic answer!

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