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Separk Mansion Grand Staircase 3

I have always had an idea of what I wanted my wedding decor to look like, I mean every girl has a wedding Pinterest board, right? It evolved over the years, but I had a similar vision. I want it to be unique, fun and still classy. Once I got engaged I had to go through and decide which ideas I would keep and which ones wouldn’t work. My fiance, David, and I have a similar style so it hasn’t been hard to combine our ideas. After we found our venue, it was easy to plan each idea and make it real.

Separk Mansion Grand Staircase 3

Photo Courtesy of Separk Mansion


We decided our colors together. A part of me wanted to have bright colors and have really colorful flowers, but we chose a fall wedding. I didn’t know if the colors would match the season–plus David hated the idea. So we started to think of our favorite colors and came up with blush pink and blues. Mauve pink and dusty blue are two of my favorite colors so it only made sense. David agreed on shades of blues with pops of blush pink. I want it to be “dusty” shades of blues and pinks, and I can’t wait to see how everything comes together!


Flowers are so important to me. I think they should be the focal point of the decor, and everything else planned around it. I love how beautiful they make a room and the scents they give off. We will have flowers all over our venue–it will especially compliment the pergola and the rose garden at Separk Mansion! We are using soft, light pink, white and burgundy flowers with some anemone and blue thistle to add the touches of blue.


We have tried to scale down on some of the things we are bringing to the venue, considering we have to take it home after the wedding. We don’t want to have too much that will have to go back with us. We have thought about renting the signs so we don’t have them afterwards, but we’re a little undecided on that right now. I purchased vases for my bridesmaids’ bouquets to go into for the reception, to make sure I tied some of the decor from the welcome table and cake table to the guest tables.

I think all of our decor are great examples of our style and will all come together to be beautiful on our wedding day! I’m so excited to see everything come together! My advice to bride’s is to decide what is really important, and spend your money there. I got a little out of control at first (Pinterest can do that), but after we decided where we want to focus our spending on, it was easy to pick the important decor. It’s your wedding day and it should be everything you dreamed of, and decorations are the best way to show some of that!

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