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When Sarah asked me to participate in a shoot with her at Old Sheldon Ruins, I was so excited!  The shoot has a mix of the old with the ruins and modern through the geo cake, that looks amazing!  The centerpiece is a natural wood element, lending to the background of the ruins and sticking with the natural design of the tablescape.  The calligraphy lends to the old side and the gold flatware is a juxtaposition on the modern elements currently in trend today.  I loved the vows written on the fabric – they would be a perfect backdrop for a ceremony.  Being at the Old Sheldon Ruins was such a peaceful experience.  The air has a calming feel to it and I truly enjoyed our day!

Sarah wrote this about the shoot:

The incredibly gorgeous low country of the south eastern shores has a never ending supply of beauty, but Old Sheldon Church ruins is a particularly surreal place. The church was burned down twice, in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and has a rich supply of history. Some of the grave markers there date back to the 1600’s and you can still stand at the pulpit which is completely intact. The entire area has a mysterious and incredibly old air to it, and it can be a very healing experience to spend time just gazing at all the land has to offer. This wedding inspiration is meant to be a different take on what a wedding can look like in the low country with a lot of organic and natural components, making it a part of the landscape.

Thank you so much for including me Sarah!



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Planning: Magnificent Moments Weddings
Photography and Flowers: Taken By Sarah
Hair and Makeup: Glammed and Groomed
Cake: Ellas Celestial Cakes
Calligraphy: Delighted Calligraphy
Dress: Fabulous Frocks

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