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Beautiful Indian Fusion Wedding

Bride and groom exchange vows during an Indian infused wedding ceremony at The Westin Hotel

Gayatri and Niral married this spring at the Westin Hotel in a modified traditional Indian wedding.  Their wedding included traditional touches you would find in an Indian wedding but also some unique details that made it a wedding to truly stand out.

Their wedding ceremony included many traditional Indian elements.  Including the Varmala which included Gayatri’s mother meeting Niral as he enters the ceremony.  There she gave him a sweet to eat which signifies the beginning of the ceremony and rids the groom of any evil eyes cast on him.  When Gayatri met Niral at the Mandap, they exchange stunning garlands that represent the acceptance and union of their vows. After the ceremony, Gayatri and Niral touched the feet of both sets of parents before exiting down the aisle, as a sign of respect for their parents.  It was so neat to see these elements incorporated during the ceremony.

During their reception, they were sure to include some traditional American wedding features with a twist of course!  After Gayatri danced with her father and Niral with his mother, the couple welcomed all fathers, daughters, mothers, and sons to join them on the dance floor.  Their fun dessert bar featured traditional Indian desserts along with French goodies from Amelie’s no less! The bride and groom also had a fun anniversary dance that got everyone to the dance floor.  It was a great way to get the party started and really kicked off the dancing for the evening!

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