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Amanda so elegantly shared about the perfect wedding myth last month and her own wedding experience. I think the media and society make it seem as if every single thing must go perfectly in order for your wedding to be great.  But that simply isn’t the case; nothing can be absolutely perfect. And a lack of perfection doesn’t make your wedding any less meaningful in your life. Just like Amanda, to me my wedding day was perfect – I got to marry my very best friend and start the journey of our lives together.  Did things go wrong? Absolutely.

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  • We ordered a cheese and cracker tray for our guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.  The caterer never put it out. Our guests only had a little bit of food to hold them over until the reception.
  • It was so hot outside that my family had to sit in the reception space before the ceremony and cool off, something I was totally against happening, but in the scheme of things who really cares if they see the room before the ceremony?
  • Our DJ wasn’t the best, hardly anyone danced and the confetti cannon we paid for at the end of the night was a total bust.
  • Our cake was made by a friend of the family and was totally lopsided but tasted great!
  • My family trashed our getaway car (which was our actual car we owned), like totally trashed it. I’m talking silly string in the back seat, lube under the handles, it was a total mess. But one of my favorite memories of that night is stopping at a car wash place for my husband to clean it the best he could at 11 pm.  As he got out of the car, he positioned the AC vents to point on me so I wouldn’t be hot as he cleaned. As he cranked the AC up to full blast, star confetti came flying out, we about died laughing. We went on to own that car for the next few years and confetti would randomly fly out the vents from time to time.

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Despite all of these issues I still believe that I had the best wedding.  All my favorite people in the world were in one place to celebrate my husband and I. And I can promise not one of my guests complained about how hot it was or the lack of cheese.  Instead of focusing on the negative, I choose to focus on the fact that we have been happily married for the past 8 years. So was my wedding “perfect” by definition? No. But my husband and I had the best time celebrating our marriage and to me, that’s perfect 🙂

We hope every wedding that we get to do is perfect. Just make sure that your definition of perfect is on these guidelines.

Happy Planning!


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