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Here at Magnificent Moments Weddings we love, Love, I mean it’s kinda our job 🙂 So I thought it would be fun this year to share our personal plans for Valentine’s Day with you.  Below is how we plan to spend Love Day 2022!


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I personally love Valentine’s Day.  It is a great reminder to look around at the life you have built and celebrate all the love in it.  We typically celebrate low key around our house, no fancy dinner reservations.  Simple flowers, cards, and an “I Love You” are enough to show how we feel. Heck, we might even order pizza so I don’t have to cook, which is the best gift I could ask for. Is “buying food” a love language, because if so that is totally mine 🙂


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Valentines day has never been a super big deal to us since our birthdays are in February and mine is especially close being on the 16th. I’ve always wanted more attention on my birthday so it’s always lightened Valentine’s Day expectations which I know my husband appreciates. We both agree that Valentine’s Day seems like such an over-commercialized holiday. I usually get him some candy or chocolates and a card while he usually gets me some flowers and a card. We never go much crazier than that. This year we plan to do the same thing and will end the day with a nice home cooked meal. I’ll probably spice it up with a nice big steak and a fancier bottle of wine than normal 😉


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We typically don’t do much for Valentine’s Day around our house, as cheesy as it sounds, we do all the “lovey dovey” stuff all the time. I get flowers often, surprised with my favorite snacks and we spend a lot of quality time together. That’s not to say we don’t have our fair share of arguments because no one’s perfect but our house is full of love most days. However, after a super busy 2021 with little time out as a couple, we are going to take this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go on a date night. It will probably be something super laid back like a food truck dinner with a beer at a brewery, but that’s what we like to do so it’s perfect!


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Valentines Day, it’s such a cliche’ but I’m going to be honest. We all say we don’t want the flowers or the candy or the steak dinner, but deep down inside we all want it.  My husband’s name is Wes and we normally go to dinner with a group we call our “Supper Club” because it makes it fun to spend the time with other couples eating at our favorite restaurant in Fort Mill, Epic. But this year I think we will have a low key dinner at home with some wine and a good movie, because sometimes a steak at home can be better than any out.

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