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Bride and groom exchange vows during an Indian infused wedding ceremony at The Westin Hotel

While the photographer, venue, wedding dress, and flowers are all important pieces to your wedding day, the most important part is that you are committing to a lifetime of marriage. Exchanging vows is though not viewed as the center of the wedding day, does hold the most significance. The promises made during the ceremony are promises that will not only set the tone for the wedding day, but set the tone for the beginning and duration of your marriage.

Wedding vows can be a big step to think about, but there are many different ways to approach the process. You want to find the vows that are right for you and your future husband!

Bride and groom exchange vows during an Indian infused wedding ceremony at The Westin Hotel

Photography by Old South Studios

Finding the Vows for You

There are several different types of wedding vows. Some are religious, romantic, humorous, traditional, secular or maybe a little bit of everything! A good first step in thinking through what is right for you is by reading other wedding vows. This will give you a framework and ideas for your own. You can search for specific types of vows and tailor it to your preferences. Your officiant is also a good resource for wedding vows!

Bride and groom exchange vows during their wedding ceremony coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Alyssa Frost Photography

Writing your Own Vows

I love the idea of writing your own vows. This gives you the opportunity to think through the ways you want to love your husband from this day forward and then promise those very things in front of all your friends and family. Confession: I cry during the vows at almost every wedding!

Stunning alter is accented by large white floral arranges made by Party Blooms

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Things to think through as you write your vows:

    • Talk to your future spouse about what is important for your marriage. Ask them the ways they desire to be cared for and loved. If you’re at the point of getting married- you probably already have a good idea about this!
    • Take some time to write down the answers to a few questions. What does marriage mean to you? What ways have you been able to love your significant other well in your dating and engagement time? How do you want to sacrifice for your significant other in your marriage
    • Read through traditional vows, poetry, scripture, or other passages and highlight what stands out to you.
    • Write out your vows based off of your conversations, writings, and readings. Don’t worry about making it sound poetic or beautiful on the first go around! You will have time to edit and make changes- first get it all written down!
      Finalize your vows and share them with a close friend or family member.

As I mentioned before, I love the exchanging of vows during a wedding! You might think about going to a coffee shop and doing some wedding vow research with a nice cup of coffee or getting away by yourself to think through it. This should be a really fun part of the wedding planning process as you anticipate a lifetime with your man!

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