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Your wedding dress is probably one of the more sentimental pieces of your wedding day.  After all, you spent hours picking it out and it’s the centerpiece of just about every photo from the day.  So after your wedding, you may decide you want to preserve it, for future generations or so it will always look as amazing as it did when you walked down the aisle.  Today I wanted to share with you the options you have if wedding dress preservation is your goal!

Bridal Boutiques

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I mean it only makes sense since these are the amazing people who sold you your dress.  Since bridal boutiques are nothing short of experts on amazing gowns they are the go people who will ensure your dress looks amazing for years to come.  Many offer their services as an add on after purchase your dress and still other locations, like Hayden Olivia Bridal in Charlotte, NC, offer the service for walk in brides.


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In our internet obsessed world, even you wedding dress can be preserved online. Most online companies who offer these services work the same.  You simply register and pay online, they send you a kit to box up your gown, and in a few weeks you get your gown back fully preserved! Make sure to do your research before mailing off your dress.  We recommend using The Knot, they just recently launched this service, and are a trusted name in the wedding world.

Dry Cleaners

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Another option is your local dry cleaners. Many local company can help with cleaning your dress from any wear that occurred throughout the day. Just know that while they do have experience with cleaning and getting out tough stains, their services may fall flat when it comes to full scale preservation. Make sure you ask lots of questions and read reviews online before handing over your gown.  Our favorite local dry cleaner in Charlotte to have this done is Cunningham Cleaners.

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