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Bride approaches her groom in a planned first look coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Charlotte is often touted as one of the fasting growing cities in the country, and in recent years it has become a bustling center for business, culture, and what else but weddings!  If you are a city bride and are looking forward to your uptown party, I have compiled a list of amazing Uptown picture locations that will give you the perfect background for breathtaking engagement and wedding pictures.

The Green

Located on Tryon Street in the center of Uptown, The Green is a small park with a big impact.  Large statues of famous books would be perfect for literary fans and can offer a whimsical twist to the standard bridal party pictures.  Also within the park are fun directional signs that could give a couple that loves to travel a great backdrop as well.

Bride approaches her groom in a planned first look coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings


   Photography by Jordyn Schirripa Photography


Independence Park

Located on Hawthorne Lane just blocks away from St Mary’s Chapel is another uptown location that will not disappoint. Located within the park is a charming stone archway that offers a romantic setting in the heart of the city.  Additionally, sprawling greenways and stone facades offer even more opportunities for stunning bridal party shots.

WR AA Low Conley 2026


Photography by Old South Studios


The Corner of  East Trade Street and North College Street

This location is just the place to get you started on your uptown stroll.  From here you can wander around the bustling city hand in hand, while your photographer snaps gorgeous city life shots.  Located near the Spectrum Center, museums, shops, and parking garages (yes I said parking garages, check out the pictures below), there are so many different picture opportunities you will be sure to find something you love.

Magnificent Moments Weddings Catrina Earls Photography Levine Museum New South 66 1


Photos by Catrina Earls Photography

Want more great tips and advice about planning your uptown wedding, contact Magnificent Moments Weddings!  We would love to help you plan your event!

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