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Picture it, you and your husband are about to be are exchanging vows and committing to one another for the rest of your lives.  You’ve spent hours pouring over websites to find the perfect professional photographer and top-notch videographer to match your style and capture this important moment.  You are confident you are going to have some awesome images and video to relive this moment for years to come. You get your pictures and video back after months of anticipation and your horrified.  Most of your ceremony shots are full of your pushy aunt who is standing in the middle of the aisle snapping away with her cell phone. And the video of you walking down the aisle to the man of your dreams, well your least favorite uncle, is lurking behind you, getting in your videographers way. Sound like your worst nightmare?  Well, that’s why we here at Magnificent Moments Weddings are loving the new trend of “Unplugged Weddings”  and we are ready to tell you all the details to help you avoid a wedding day disaster.

So I get it – you’re thinking to yourself it can’t be that bad, my family would never do anything like that – I don’t need an Unplugged Wedding. Sure you think I am being a little dramatic, but just look at these horrific pictures from real weddings.

Wedding ceremony ruined by cellphone photographyWedding ceremony ruined by cellphone photographyWedding ceremony ruined by cellphone photography


I know it is your family and they only mean well, but do you really want to sacrifice your pictures to please them? Why not host an unplugged event?  It is a new trend that has taken off across the country. Invite your guests to take the evening off from social media and playing amateur photographer and instead just take in the event as observers.  Post a sweet sign as guests arrive, or have your ushers pass out information as guests file into the ceremony space. Trust me, your guests won’t mind and you will get the pictures you always dreamed of!


Custom unplugged wedding sign for ceremony

Sign Sold by Tumbalina Studios


Need more tips to make your day go as smoothly as possible.  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings. We would love to help you plan your event!

Happy Planning!


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