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Trends We Love – Private Wedding Ceremonies

Bride shares her vows with her groom during their small wedding ceremony at Bonterra Wine Room

Wedding ceremonies are the most important part of the overall wedding day.  After all, this is the moment that you and your husband make a promise to each other forever.  With so much meaning and such deep connections, it’s no wonder a new trend is circulating through the wedding world: private ceremonies.  And we here at Magnificent Moments love the idea, in fact, we have a few brides who have chosen just this. So we thought it would be fun to share all about these intimate events with you!

Bride and groom exchange vows and rings during a wedding ceremony captured by Grace Hill Photography

Photography by Grace Hill Photography

What is a private ceremony?

These small intimate events are exactly as they sound, private.  As you sat down to make your guest list you probably saw it start to grow and grow and grow.  Co-workers, family friends, extended family, including probably people you have spoken to in years or frankly aren’t that close to.  This can be overwhelming to many and impersonal for an event that when you think about is so meaningful. A private ceremony solves this issue.  Invite only who you truly want there, people that are meaningful to you and your fiance’s life, like your parents, siblings, best friends, the smaller the better! Have these people share in your most special moment and save the party for everyone else!

How do I pull it off?

It’s actually easier than you think!  Pick a venue that has two distinct locations or if your budget allows book two separate venues so there is no spilling over.   Then create two seperate invitations, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Invite only who you truly want to the ceremony and everyone else to the reception. Make sure you allow a gap between the ceremony and the reception so you don’t have reception guests showing up during your ceremony and ruining the intimate moment you are trying to create.  We recommend hiring a planner who has done this before to make the transition smooth and seamless 🙂

Simple rose centerpieces created by Springvine Design are the perfect accent to an intimate wedding ceremony coordinated and planned by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Grace Hill Photography

Since this trend is growing in popularity it should be well received by guests, who should understand your wish for separate moments.  Be sure to check out bride Claire who successfully pulled off her own private ceremony (with the help of MMW of course).

Need more help planning your big day?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings we would love to help create a wedding that is true to you!

Happy Planning!


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