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June 2nd was the most wonderful day of my life. I could write a book about all the details and how it was a dream come true, but I will narrow it down to my top three highlights looking back on the day.  I have loved sharing the whole experience of my big day through this Plan With Me series and I can’t wait to share what I really loved the most!

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Marrying My Best Friend.

There are so many things that went into our wedding day- caterers, dresses, a venue, photography…the list goes on. However, the whole reason it was all happening is because we were committing to a lifetime of marriage together! The day of my wedding, I didn’t think about too much more than the fact that I was saying “I do!” to the love of my life. No matter what happened, I knew that we were going to leave the venue and continue our story together.

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Going into our wedding day, I knew that there was room for error. Although I had crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s, I am not perfect and my coordinator isn’t perfect, and I knew something might not happen the day we had planned. However, when I walked into my venue and saw everything set up, I saw all of my dreams and plans come to life. Although there were little hiccups here and there (see our post on wedding day perfection), I knew that all the vendors and all my family members were working so hard to make our wedding day dreams come to life.

I did not expect everything to go flawlessly, but I did expect to have an amazing day. Having realistic expectations and seeking to stay optimistic made for the best day!

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Just Enjoy Every Moment!

One thing I couldn’t have predicted was how FAST the day was going to go by. It really

sunk in when we were putting rings on each other’s fingers. I had this moment of “oh my goodness, this is really happening!” And that feeling didn’t really leave me the whole night. After the ceremony, we both wanted to enjoy our friends and family and to have a great time with them! We didn’t let the details of when dinner is going to start?…or is the music loud enough?….or is everyone having fun?… get in the way of just enjoying ourselves. I had been to enough weddings to know that if the bride and groom are enjoying themselves…the guests are too! The night flew by, but looking back, I know that I loved every minute of it. The only bummer is that I can’t relive this day over and over!

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As you anticipate your wedding day, remember these three things and I am certain you will look back on your wedding with nothing but joy and good nostalgia. Remember why you are there and who you are marrying, remember to have realistic expectations, and remember to soak up every minute of it!

I would love to be part of your wedding day and help your wedding dreams come true just like mine!  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings today to book! Interested in more about my wedding?  Check out the whole Plan With Me Series starting here!


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