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Reids Catering Spring Gallery 8

The next stop on our plan with me series focuses on our favorite thing food, so follow along as we tell you all about our experience with picking a caterer! Both my fiance and I are big foodies! We love to cook, eat, grocery shop, and find new restaurants. Therefore, the food we had at our wedding was really important to us! Lucky for us, my older brother is the chef of an amazing catering company near Boone.

Reids Catering Spring Gallery 8

Photo courtesy Reid’s Catering

We decided to book Reid’s Catering for our reception meal and our rehearsal dinner! We had both eaten their food many times before and love everything about it. When it came to the menu, we weren’t exactly sure what we would like to have. Chef Josh helped us brainstorm by asking about what we like to cook, what restaurants we enjoy, and what we typically order off a menu. This was so helpful and made our mouths water!

When we were talking about our favorite foods, we talked about a biscuit recipe we had come up with together. It is one of our favorite Saturday morning traditions to make biscuits with goat cheese, fig butter, fresh basil leaves, and spicy sausage. The chef offered to make a miniature version of this as an h’orderve for the cocktail hour! There are typically things that catering companies are willing to do, even if it isn’t on the menu. It is always worth asking if you have a specific vision or desire in mind.


Reids Catering Spring Gallery 24

Photo courtesy Reid’s Catering

David and I both like to eat several small meals a day and we prefer to have smaller portions. We also love hospitality and sitting around a table with good food and good conversation. We decided to model that in our wedding meal with small passed h’orderves and dinner served family style. Family style is where there are large serving platters of food on each individual table, and the people at the table pass it around and serve themselves. Our hope is that serving dinner family style will allow for everyone to eat at the same time, without having to stand in a buffet line, and that it will promote good conversation!

Food was one of the things that was important to us for our wedding day, and Reid’s is making sure we love our food and our guests do too! My advice to a newly engaged couple is to think about the same question Chef Josh asked us. What do you like to cook, what restaurants do you enjoy, and what do you typically order off a menu? Then, go do a tasting at catering restaurants that seem to fit your food preferences. This is the best way to really know what services a catering company offers.

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