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Plan With Me – Brittni | Our Postponement

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When the Pandemic started in March, we didn’t expect to have to postpone our October 30, 2020 wedding. Surely the world would be back to normal by then, right? Well, mid-summer we realized that it might be best if we consider postponing our wedding day to the Spring of 2021. That decision was pretty hard to make–we went back and forth for about a month. But in the end, we had to decide what was best for our guests and consider how the current restrictions would affect our vision for our wedding day. So the first thing we did was communicate with our venue to find a new date (confirming availability with each vendor before officially changing the date), finally landing on March 5! Once we had a new date chosen, we informed all of our vendors and they sent over new contracts to sign. I have done this for so many couples throughout the year so I knew exactly what to do, informing my guests is what made me nervous. First, that’s a lot of people to call! I chose to use social media and had our parents call their family members to tell them. In the end, the postponement process wasn’t too hard, just a little emotional.

David and I decided to keep our ceremony in October, because in the end we just wanted to be married! I used our rehearsal dinner plans at Rock Hill Brewing Co. and planned our ceremony there. We only had 30 people with our immediate family and wedding party included. Our amazing photographer, Casey Vaughn, videographer, Yessica Grace, florist, Heather Conner at Awesome Blossoms, and DJ, Jeff Smith at Carolina DJ Pros, split our contracts and helped make our day perfect! We used Taco Boiiz catering to have a taco buffet, which is exactly our style! I can’t say enough about our vendors and how amazing they are!  It was so intimate and special, we really enjoyed the whole day!

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Photography by Casey Vaugh Photography

We are planning on having our reception with all of our family and friends in March and we know that will be just as perfect! While we know this isn’t how we envisioned our wedding day 8 months ago, we made the best of the situation and it ended up being just as good. Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and take what life gives you and make it something good! And that’s just what we did! I hope that all the couples going through this same experience are making it special for themselves and celebrating their love above everything else!

Make sure you follow along through the rest of my wedding planning process by following the Plan with Me series, as I choose a dress, pick a venue, and choose my overall design 🙂

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