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Client Spotlight | Jennifer, Magnificent Moments Weddings Bride

Bride and groom embrace for photo after Uptown Charlotte Wedding coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings get to work with some pretty amazing couples and we love nothing more than helping them make their wedding dreams come true.  So it is time again to shine our client spotlight another amazing bride! We want to share how awesome they are with you and give them the opportunity to relive their special day! So this month we reached out to Jennifer Timberg and asked her to share her greatest memories and any tips she may have for soon to be brides!

Jennifer and her husband Eli were married at the Holiday Inn City Center, in Uptown Charlotte, on October 7, 2018.  Their fun brunch ceremony included so many unique touches, it truly was an event to remember (Want to know all the details about Jennifer’s big day?  Check out her real wedding feature on the blog here!). Since Jennifer was such a great bride to work with, we wanted to sit down and ask her all about her experience, from the high to the lows, and here’s what she shared.

Bride and groom pose on Charlotte city street while bride wears a white off the shoulder gown  Jewish tradition of Hora at a Charlotte North Carolina wedding reception coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography By Stafanie Haviv Photography

What was your greatest memory of your day?

At the risk of cheating, my memory of that day is a blur of many wonderful moments – the vows, the dancing, the toasts from our friends and family. I really loved when we did the hora, where we had (strong) friends lifting us up and family and friends circling us. I remember looking down and seeing smiling faces and thinking, “don’t ever forget how this feels.” And we didn’t fall!

I also remember being very thankful that we opted for an indoor wedding because it was SO HUMID that day. Fortunately, my hair and makeup were made to withstand the elements!

Do you have any advice for brides still in the planning process?

Know your priorities and use them as your compass for navigating the maze of decisions you have to make. I knew I had limited patience to make a million small decisions, so cutting out things that were unimportant to me/us allowed me to focus on perfecting the things I really cared about. For instance, cake and flowers can be beautiful touches, but that is never the thing I remember most about weddings. Not having those things cut out approximately 100 decisions I had to make and gave me more time to refine the music with the DJ.

Is there anything you would change about your wedding day?

Nothing! There were things I was nervous would not work out the way I wanted them to: our program flipped the script on the traditional order of events and had the toasts before the actual ceremony – I wasn’t sure if our guests would like that. We did everything in one room so I worried about the logistics of how people would get their food. And our wedding was brunch time on Sunday. But everything ended up being perfect. Even the less than ideal weather worked out, since the cloudy, overcast day provided ideal light for the photographer to take our couple shots before the ceremony.

I think it is a great lesson for brides anxious about their wedding day – you are going to be surrounded by your favorite people who are over the moon excited to celebrate you. As long as you have that, it will be very hard to go wrong!

Why did you choose MMW?

I wasn’t originally going to have a wedding coordinator. Originally, I wasn’t really going to have a ceremony either, but then we decided to have a full-blown wedding event. I did not want to spend my wedding day wondering about whether catering delivered the accurate menu items and I didn’t want my family to do that either, so I asked the venue (Holiday Inn Center City) if they had any recommendations and they suggested Magnificent Moments Weddings. I felt immediately at peace after my first conversation with Amanda, so it was not a difficult decision to make!

Would you recommend hiring a wedding coordinator/planner to other brides?

In fact, this is my number one piece of advice to anyone I know who is planning a wedding. It’s a kindness to yourself and to your family. I’ve planned events as part of my day job, so I naively thought that planning a wedding would be routine for me. Well, it’s not. It’s an emotional challenge as much as it is a logistical one. Just having someone like Brittni or Amanda there to ask questions or rely on made the last few weeks before the wedding much more bearable!


Bride and groom pose in front of urban art on the streets up Uptown Charlotte   Bride and groom embrace for photo after Uptown Charlotte Wedding coordinated by Magnificent Moments Weddings

Photography by Stefanie Haviv Photography

Thank you, Jennifer, for all your kind words!  You and Eli were truly an inspiring couple and just a dream to work with!  Your wedding was truly one to remember!

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings! We would love to make you part of the family!

Happy Planning!


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