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In the midst of building your dream wedding, you and your fiance also get to begin building your home together! Bridal Showers are a great way to start. As with many other wedding trends, bridal showers can be done so many different ways, adding your own unique style to it to make it your own. Today we  wanted to take you through a few steps to ensure your Bridal Shower is fun, unique, and leaves you feeling blessed by all your generous friends! So follow along as we share the ins and outs of this fun day meant to shower you with all the love!

Bridal Shower 11

Who Throws the Shower?

A Bridal Shower is usually planned and hosted by the bride and/or groom’s mother or other close female relatives. If family is not available to help, it is the bridesmaids job to step in and and help. Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom might already be up to their neck in wedding details, so they might be in a supporting role while other close friends or bridesmaids do most of the planning. In the end, it all comes down to who wants to throw the shower!

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Who to invite?

There is only one “rule” when it comes to Bridal Shower invitations– whoever is invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding. After that, invite anyone that you’d enjoy an extra wedding celebration with! The guest list can reflect the bride’s preferred vibe and the host’s budget. It is also acceptable to have more than one shower in order to include relatives or friends in different states.

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A Bridal Shower is an opportunity for your wedding guests to shower you and your future husband with gifts as you build a marriage and a home together. In order to avoid getting things you won’t use or don’t want, create a wedding registry for guests to buy exactly what you say you want. It is important to keep the registry tasteful but also leaving room for generosity. You want guests to be able to buy you gifts without having to take out a loan. Think about how much you might spend at someone else’s shower and make sure you have gifts on the registry that fit into that range.

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The Bride’s Role

While it is not your complete job to plan and host the entire Bridal Shower, you do have your own thoughts and dreams about what you would like for your Shower! Make sure you share your preferences with the host and let them know what your vision is. If you want it to be small, intimate, and ladies-only or if you want it to be a big, co-ed party, make sure your host knows! The Shower should be a way to honor you so it’s important that your vision comes to life!

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When do you have the shower?

The host should aim to host the shower anywhere from five months-two weeks before the wedding date. If the shower is too close to the engagement it could feel premature and if it’s too close to the wedding, it could add extra stress to an already busy time. The host needs time to send out invitations and plan while the guests need time to RSVP, get a gift, and make travel plans. Having a cushion between engagement and the wedding date will allow it to be a more relaxed and fun event!

Bridal Showers are one of my favorite parts of the wedding season. Having all your ladies together to eat yummy food and shower you with gifts is the perfect way to celebrate! Think creatively and allow your friends and family to shower you with gifts and love!

Want more ideas on how to make your wedding special?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings we would love to help your wedding day uniquely you! And check our blogs on bridesmaids gift ideas and groomsmen gifts ideas so you can share the love by showering your bridal party too!

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