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Let’s talk about perfect weddings. Everyone wants to have them. Everyone claims to have. But is what everyone saying really true? I truly believe that what you think and what you decide in your mind, helps determine if you had a perfect wedding day. You can choose to view the day as perfect in your own way. My wedding day was not perfect, and here’s why I loved it anyway: and how you can love yours too 🙂

My wedding day was perfect. I had a blast, my friends all had a great time, and everyone still talks about it to this day. To me, that is the sign of a successful event.  There were a few things that went wrong.

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  • The limo never came to the reception site to pick us up to leave. A Town Car showed up because the limo was late.
  • The bar ran out of blue moon beer. Not beer altogether, but just the blue moon.
  • My wedding planner told my mother that my 16-year-old brother was drinking. He was not, however, he was driving the golf cart erratically and cutting up like a 16-year-old does to impress a girl (which is why she thought he was drinking!).
  • The week of the wedding, the cake baker called and told me that we hadn’t paid our full amount and therefore she was only going to give us all red velvet cake. I think this was my only true bridezilla moment – I kind of freaked out and demanded we have our key lime cake, vanilla and raspberry cake, and the red velvet. Our wedding planner apologized that she forgot to remind us to pay the final bill. This was on Wednesday or Thursday, so plenty of time to bake the other layers (also I won’t even get into she insisted that she doesn’t freeze the cake, but she would have to, to make it so early).  The cake baker also never emailed the final invoice to us.
  • We also really didn’t get to eat dinner at our wedding. This is really common for brides and grooms and is kind of an ongoing joke now but it’s true!
  • Our groomsmen also were too drunk to do our sparkler exit. So we had to do a birdseed exit. This was not what I wanted, but I trusted my wedding planner when she told me that it wasn’t going to happen.

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Keep in mind all of these things happened and I still consider my wedding day to be perfect. I married my husband, my wedding was talked about for years and still is, and I, personally, had a blast. This is what makes a perfect wedding day – when you decide in your own mind, that the day was perfect.

We are inundated with marketing materials that tell us that our wedding day absolutely has to be flawless, perfect, nothing can go wrong. We know in life that this is just not true. It’s especially not true when you factor in people. All events have people who are running them, managing them, executing them, and as people, we can only do our best.

I just hope that when it comes to your wedding day, you keep in mind that barring something horribly disastrous, like running out of food, something hurting someone, or something happening to you in your dress in revealing your undergarments, that your wedding day will be perfect because you have married your perfect person. Everyone can have a perfect wedding day when you look back at those photos and those videos if you just remember the happiness and joy that you had on that day. Yes, there are a lot of emotions that go on, especially when you’re stressed. But your wedding should be a reflection of the joy and love you and your new husband share.

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I sincerely hope that all of the brides and grooms that we serve to remember three things. Number one – you are marrying your person. This is the person who you will spend the rest of your life with, and this is the person who hopefully calms you down the most. Enjoy being in their presence. Number two – I hope you remember that all of the people there on your wedding day that you have hired, are there to make your day as smooth as possible. Customer service is not for the faint of heart but in general, I have found that people who are in customer service are because they love it. They will do anything to make your day perfect. Number three – have fun! Your wedding day should only happen once, so make sure you make a point to actively train your mind to be happy and have fun. Once the stress of the ceremony is over, completely let loose and enjoy yourself.

We hope every wedding that we get to do is perfect. Just make sure that your definition of perfect is on these guidelines.



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