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Like Amanda and Shelby I wanted to share my own experience facing the “Perfect Wedding Myth”. Every time I think back about my wedding day, I have nothing but happy thoughts about it! I married my best friend, I had an amazing time, and I felt so loved by everyone there. If you ask me if it was a perfect day, I will answer yes every single time.

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However, every single thing did not go exactly as planned.

    • For starters, I had strep throat and pink eye the day of the wedding. I had taken vitamins and done everything I could to build up my immune system the month before the wedding, but as it happened, I got sick the Wednesday before our wedding. But I LOVED every part of our wedding. I had enough energy for the day, and I didn’t let being sick keep me from having a great time. Our photographer was amazing, too and you can’t tell that I was sick in any of the pictures!
    • My venue was outside and I had to walk down some stairs covered in wood chips. As I walked down, my dress picked up a ton of wood chips and they stuck to the train. Thankfully, my coordinator was able to pick them out really fast before I walked down the aisle. Although it delayed my walking down the aisle by about 60 seconds, it didn’t “ruin” any part of my day!
    • My husband arranged my bouquet for the wedding. He had always put together the most beautiful bouquets for me throughout our dating relationship and it was a sweet detail we wanted to add to our wedding.
    • I had decided I would make his boutonniere, too! About an hour before the ceremony, my wedding coordinator came and asked me where his boutonniere was. I had totally forgotten about it and I didn’t have one for him! I felt bad, but it was an hour before the ceremony and we decided that it wasn’t worth dwelling on. He looked amazing without one and now it is something we laugh about. Wedding brain is a real thing!

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Your wedding day might have hiccups, and while we will do everything we can to avoid them, something might still come up. At the end of the day, you will leave a happy, married couple and that is the highest priority.

We hope every wedding that we get to do is perfect. Just make sure that your definition of perfect is on these guidelines.

Best Wishes,


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