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About Us – The Hardest Part of Our Job – Brittni and Joelle

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We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings simply love what we do.  There is little that brings us more joy than helping our clients make their wedding dreams come true. But would it be wrong to say the job of a wedding planner is all glamour and fun, as it is often portrayed in the media?  Our profession, like most, has its own challenges and struggles.  So in a moment of transparency, we thought we would get real and share with you, our clients, the hardest part of our jobs. This month Brittni and Joelle will share the struggles we face as part of our job.


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The hardest part about being a wedding planner for me is dealing with the unexpected. No matter how many planning meetings we have, or lists we check off, there is almost always something that doesn’t go as planned. My job is to find a solution to any issues that may come up, and not to tell the bride if it’s not necessary. Sometimes we get creative to keep the bride and groom’s vision. Some things we can’t prevent or fix, but we find a solution around the problem. Sometimes it includes a quick timeline change or moving a table. As a wedding planner, we anticipate problems that may arise and work it out, without panicking!

We learn something from each wedding we work and that helps us in all of our future weddings. Each experience gives us insight on how to fix anything unexpected that may pop up, every day is a learning experience. Each wedding is a different experience and that’s why I love my job!


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The most challenging part of being a wedding planner is being limited by things that I, or anyone else, cannot control. This could be the weather, a budget, or an unmet expectation, but there are always going to be things that are out of everyone’s control. Just like the bride, family, and friends, I want the day to be a dream come true and for everything to go over flawlessly. But I haven’t experienced a day like that yet!

Knowing this is part of my job, I try to make sure I have backup options or use creativity to get around obstacles. However, when things don’t go as planned, I typically stay optimistic and add in a little bit of humor to diffuse the situation. It is much more rewarding to look on the bright side and have a good attitude than it is to throw in the towel and be disappointed. Coming from a family with five kids, I have learned that sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and move forward!

We hope this look at reality helps our clients understand our dedication to them and our desire to help make their wedding day the best we can.  Want more help planning your big day?  Contact Magnificent Moments Weddings we would love to set you on the right path!

Happy Planning!


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