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It is finally time for warm weather, long days, and awesome weddings!  It’s summertime and the team of Magnificent Moments Weddings couldn’t be more excited.  Not only does summer mean getting to help more amazing brides make their wedding dreams come true but it means time for us to do more of the things we love.  So here are our summer bucket lists!


I love love love summer.  It is a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy some much needed time in the sun.  I think one of the reasons I love summer so much is that it gives me a chance to spend some quality time with my son.  Since he is out of school we try and pack in as many fun things while we can. So below is my summer bucket list of all I hope to do this summer!

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  • Sit by the pool- I plan to spend as many days poolside as I can this summer, even if it means a laptop in hand.  I just love being out and soaking up the sun!
  • Beach Trip- We plan to head to Willmington this summer.  Not only do we want to hit the beach but we also want to see the Battleship North Carolina (I am a history nerd after all!)
  • Cook Out and Fireworks- This has become a neighborhood annual traditional an all-day cookout finished off by big fireworks.  It’s just a great day with great friends and family.
  • Baseball- We always try to cake a Knights game over the summer, it is such a fun family tradition
  • Camping – We have a planned camping trip this year with our friends and I am looking forward to escaping it all and really unplugging.


I am so excited for the warmer weather!  I went into crazy spring cleaning mode and cleaned/organized our entire house.  I even read The Home Edit book while I was doing it and got some great new ideas!  Now I get to sit back, relax, and enjoy my summer 🙂

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My Summer Bucket List is to:

  • Ballantyne Hotel Spa Day for Rich and I.  He loved his massage that we did 2 years (!) ago here and we like to go in the summer because we can have access to the outdoor pool!  Tip – it is every day except Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Putt-putt!  There is a putt-putt place in Indian Land that I really want to go try.
  • 4th of July Celebration – we love to go to my grandparents lake house and relax and enjoy.  I purposely blocked off this weekend this year!
  • Visit family – we have a lot of visits with our siblings and parents coming up this summer and I am desperately trying to squeeze Colonial Williamsburg in there (it has been YEARS since I have gone!).
  • More hiking.  We are trying to spend more time outdoors so I made a list of places to hike.  So far we have done Kings Mountain in SC (less than an hour from our house) and loved it!  Anyone have any great other hike suggestions?


I love summertime! Long, sunny days and summer nights have a special place in my heart. I love the relaxation and ease of the summer. So here is my Summer Bucket List:

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  • Getting Married!-My wedding is in June so I plan to enjoy the summer as a newlywed. We have a three week long honeymoon to enjoy time together, relax, and unwind. I am looking forward to this one the most!
  • Pool Days- One of my favorite summer activities is reading a book by the pool. I love packing up a book, some fresh fruit, and a La Croix to sit and soak in the sun.
  • Weekend trip to Greenville, SC- Greenville has been one of my favorite day trip spots but later in the summer, David and I are going to take a weekend trip to get away! Greenville has the best coffee shops and the most amazing Mediterranean lunch spot.
  • Kombucha Making- I love drinking kombucha! It has so many health benefits and it really tasty. I used to make it, but as life has gotten busy I haven’t made it in over a year. It is really cheap to make and a fun process to experiment with!
  • White Water Center Yoga- The White Water Center has free yoga every Saturday morning in the summer. You bring a mat and get to do yoga outside friends. This one has been on my bucket list for awhile!


I love summer so much! It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons, plus I would pick flip flops over closed toe shoes any day! I’m so excited for my first summer with my daughter (she was an infant last year). These are some of my summer bucket list items!

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  • Carowinds!: I love going to carowinds and I’m so excited to introduce my girl to the water park. She loves to be in the water and I know she will love the splash pads they have for kids.
  • Fourth of July: My daughter’s first birthday! Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays but it’s even more special now that it’s my baby’s birthday.
  • Pool days: who doesn’t love a pool day?? I plan on being by the pool any chance I can get, taking in all the sunshine I can get.
  • Eating dinner on our back patio: I love the warm weather and eating dinner as a family on our back patio.
  • Beach trips: even if it’s just for a weekend, I love escaping to the beach with my family. It’s the best relaxation and quality time!

Looks like our team has a pretty full list for our fun summers.  Want to be a part of the MMW family?  Contact us we would love to help you on your big day! And be sure to check out our fall and spring bucket lists to see all the amazing things we’ve been up to this year. When we’re not planning amazing weddings that is 🙂

Happy Planning



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