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We love sharing our happy moments with the MMW family!  And this past spring we have even more to be happy about!  Our very own Brittni is engaged!  She and David are really one of the sweetest couples I have ever meet and we are so excited for them.  Brittni was even kind enough to share their engagement story with us all.  Warning, grab a tissue before you read!

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“David and I like to plan “surprise” Date Nights, so it wasn’t unusual for me to get ready for a date that I had no details for. He told me to dress nice and be ready at 6! We went to McCormick and Schmicks (so good!) for dinner. He did seem a little suspicious so I figured “if he’s going to do it, it would be here right?” Wrong. He took me to Lucky’s Bar and Arcade next for some games, it was a very cool place but we didn’t stay long. We went by Amelie’s for some desserts but instead of waiting in the line, he convinced me we HAD to go by this rooftop bar at the Omni. After we were there for about 20 minutes, he excused himself to “go to the bathroom”. While I waited at the bar for him I started to get impatient. He finally comes back and tells me he has a surprise for me—we were spending the night at the hotel. I was so upset, I had never left our daughter overnight and was not prepared to! I decided to stay and see what he had planned. When we got to the room, there were rose petals on the floor, champagne glasses ready with macarons (my favorite!) and balloons prepared for a scavenger hunt. I had to pop the balloons to get the “clues”. As I’m popping the balloons, a ring fell out of one of them and he dropped to his knee to propose! It was such a special night and I love everything that David planned for me!”

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Isn’t that the just the sweetest engagement story ever?! Love must be in the air at MMW be sure to read our very own Joelle’s engagement story also!

Congrats Brittni and David!  We wish you all the luck and happiness as you plan your big day!

Happy Planning!


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